Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Pumpkins are finally here! 

I only make a few for each fall season and they are available in my shop now!
They are about 10" x 8" without the ribbon.

If you are in the San Antonio area, I also have a few in the boutique at The Royal Canvas
 at 5005 Broadway.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Homecoming Mum - Purple

After seeing all of my daughter's friends' fabulous mums, I had to make one more! This is for a friend who goes to a "purple" school - what a gorgeous color for a mum! 

I used only a few "traditional" types of mum ribbon and used more glittery and sparkly decorative ribbon. I still added all of the "cheer" embellishments and cowbells, but the wired ribbon definitely made this mum more "flow-y" and a bit lighter since I was able to use less ribbon.


I used wired ribbons, sheer ribbons, metallic ribbons, holographic ribbons, and plain curling ribbon, although the sparkly curly ribbon would have been fun, too. Instead of making points for around the flower, I just folded the ribbon length directly in half and stapled and layered them.

I do have a few instructions on making mums in some posts from August and September of 2011.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Just some final - I think - mum photos so y'all can see how they look. They are all pretty much variations on the same idea just using different ribbons.  (I was in a rush so I apologize for not-so-great photos.)

My mums just barely touch the surface of all the things you can do with your mum.

There are so many fabulous ribbons and decorations out there that as long as you don't mind the cost, your mums can be as over-the-top as you want!

At my daughter's mum exchange many of the mums were so fabulous that I wanted one!

I still like the braided ribbons and I used the tiger/zebra striped ribbon to make a looped ribbon this year (just like the "homecoming" one from last year but without the letters!)

I added some sparkly tulle between the points and the flower to give it a bit more substance.

Completed mini-mum.

I layered grosgrain ribbon on top of "typical" mum ribbon. The black mum is going to have a smaller white mum in the center so the cheerleader doesn't disappear!

Please see some of my other posts for some how-to's! (August and September 2011 and September 2012)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Homecoming Mum Idea - Tulle Ribbon

So, I am getting started on my mums for this year and thought I'd be brave and try something different (at least for me!).  My youngest loves anything sparkly so I am using glitter tulle for the decoration around the flower. (See my last post for how to get a super cute cheerleader!)

This particular mum is a small one - about 4" in diameter.

I started off folding the tulle in half (about 4" strips), kind of bunching each strip together, and layering the colors.  This was not my favorite so I went back to the points that I used last year.

I cut approximately 4 -4 1/2" strips, folded each in half and then in thirds (with the raw edges on the inside). I then just folded them like I normally would to make the points.

I love how sparkly it turned out! As a warning, glitter does come off of the tulle and there were (are) sparkles everywhere!

Hopefully, I will have pictures of all the streamers soon! These are links to my other homecoming mum posts with more details about attaching everything.

I have not attached the cheerleader yet, but I am planning on lots of hot glue!!

mum #1- smaller mum and point details
mum #2 - looped ribbon for mum
mum #3 -larger mum and finishing
mum #4 - another mum idea

Monday, August 6, 2012

Homecoming Mum Idea!

It's August and at least in South Texas that means football season is almost upon us, and homecoming is right around the corner!

Are you already planning mums for your daughter, her friends, or your son's girlfriend?!? 

I loved the lions that we found last year, but I was super-excited to discover Alisha Todd on Etsy (her shop link - Alisha Todd) who makes the cutest polymer clay figures.  

I requested a custom order for these little cheerleaders and received them in about a week and a half - a great turn-around time!

And since weight is always a factor - the larger girls weigh 1 oz and the smaller girl weighs .8 oz. They are about 3" and 2 1/4" tall.

I still need to gather a few more ideas - and find some cow bells! - but I am really looking forward to making mums this year now that I have a bit more experience!
You can see more of her figures (and some adorable bows!) in this shop, too.

These are my mum tutorials from last year:

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Organized Craft Armoire

So many projects this summer and one I finally completed!  I really don't like plastic boxes - but I finally decided that I just could not get organized without them - 
I NEED to see what's inside! 

I really did not get rid of as much stuff as I thought I would - 2 paper bags full, but most everything I really do use when I can find it!

Organized Armoire - hopefully organized forever!

Shop Ribbons

I found tons of stuff that I had forgotten all about and tons of repeat ribbons.
 Did I mention that I like ribbons?!?

Presents and Gift Bags Ribbons

Tulle for Shop and Special Gifts

I found several more spools of each style after I took these pictures and they don't include my Christmas ribbon box, homecoming mum ribbon box, and random just-because-I-liked-it ribbon box.  

I have already had occasion to destroy all of my organization, but so far the worst thing that has happened is I left a few boxes out overnight.  I am so happy that everything has a place now!!