Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Homecoming Mum - Purple

After seeing all of my daughter's friends' fabulous mums, I had to make one more! This is for a friend who goes to a "purple" school - what a gorgeous color for a mum! 

I used only a few "traditional" types of mum ribbon and used more glittery and sparkly decorative ribbon. I still added all of the "cheer" embellishments and cowbells, but the wired ribbon definitely made this mum more "flow-y" and a bit lighter since I was able to use less ribbon.


I used wired ribbons, sheer ribbons, metallic ribbons, holographic ribbons, and plain curling ribbon, although the sparkly curly ribbon would have been fun, too. Instead of making points for around the flower, I just folded the ribbon length directly in half and stapled and layered them.

I do have a few instructions on making mums in some posts from August and September of 2011.

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