Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Gramma's Valentines

My Gramma saved everything! One of my favorite things she saved is the valentines from her school days. They are from the late '10s and early '20s. Framing and matting is so expensive, but can really define the item you want framed. I decided that since the valentines had survived 8 decades without air conditioning and since I was on a really tight budget, I would just have to fake it. I used acid free paper and clear photo corners to "frame" them in frames that I patiently bought over two "sales" at my local craft store. Someday I will probably have them professionally framed, but for right now, I love them!

Friday, January 30, 2009

One of the first questions I was asked after I opened my shop was if I really lived in a cottage in the sun. Well, since I'm in South Texas, I am fortunately more often in the sunshine than not!
We no longer live in our little cottage, but some day we hope to find another little cottage to call home. In the meantime, I use the memories of my favorite things to make our new home more "cottage-y." It was white when we moved in, but while "nesting" with our third child, I decided to paint it in tones that blended in with the rock on the front of the house. I won't even tell you what color it is now.