Friday, September 10, 2010

Remember These Journals?

I just wanted to show you the finishing touches!

I couldn't find any Paris or London scrapbook paper to line the insides, so I added a bit of Texas instead!

And the elastic and eyelets worked out great with a little help from the ladies at my local scrapbook store - and some tools that I've never heard of!

I can't wait to see if everyone enjoys them!

Look What I Found Today

I had a few extra minutes before meeting my husband for lunch, so I thought I'd pop into the thrift store for just a minute....

I found this super cute trunk!

It even has a movable rack for hangers! It has some condition issues - scratches and dents, the latch is a bit sticky, and the inside needs re-lining - but it's perfect for my little one's doll outfits! It's 16" tall and 8"x8" wide.

Does anyone have any suggestions on redoing the lining? The outside of the trunk is metal, but the inside of the trunk is wood, so I don't want to get it very wet. I was thinking just peel off what I can, sponge it lightly, seal it, and then apply a new paper lining. I'd love any advice!

And if you have any info on the age or the doll that went with it, it would be fabulous to know!

I wonder if I can find similar star paper?!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lunch Time

So, Sunday night before school started, we realized that last year's lunch bag, was just not going to magically materialize like we had hoped - it's in one of those "kitchen" labeled boxes I know it is!
Anyway, my little one finally agreed that I could make her one like her big sister's. They are both made from denim - the blue one is my oldest's and I made it from an Old Navy spaghetti strap dress - this will be it's 3rd year, so it's holding up nicely! The black/gray one is the newest one and is from the brother's outgrown jeans and a dress that had seen better days.

I used the bias trim from the sleeves of the dress for the straps and the jeans leg for the body of the bag. The ladybug and buttons were from the front of the dress - I had just cut off the buttons 2 days before to recycle them and thrown the dress away - I was lucky that my sewing scraps hadn't been discarded yet!

I used the skirt of the dress to make a lining and pocket (for the icepack) and the snaps of the jeans to keep the bag closed. My hand-sewing could have been better, but I only had an hour till bedtime and my little one wanted to make sure she had a lunch bag!

I made fabric "baggies" last year, but the crumbs would catch in the velcro and peanut butter and jelly made them kind of yucky. Maybe I should try that fake oilcloth fabric and just flip the tops of the bags over?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Paris and London Journal Notebooks

I am getting ready for my trip and wanted to make a small hostess gift for my friend who has invited me to visit her in London. Also, I needed a small birthday gift for a new friend that I met when she came for a visit over Easter with my cousin from Sweden. We will be staying in London and making a short 4-day trip to Paris - and meeting up with my new friend who will also be visiting London - small world!

After weeks of searching - I knew what I wanted, just didn't know if it existed - I found these beautiful papers online (they are from Cavallini). Of course, you can buy the journals already made, but what fun would that be?!

I found journals on clearance at Michael's and mini-notebooks at Target. I just used decoupage glue to attach the papers and a spray sealer to make them a bit water resistant. Tomorrow I am going to figure out how to attach elastic to keep them closed -I already have the holes punched, I just have to figure out how to use eyelets!

Any ideas about airport legal, non-crushable packaging? Maybe those clear fabric gift bags?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cupcake Mosaic Tray

I just have to share my first completed mosaic project!

I found the sweetest mosaic tiles at ChipofChina on Etsy! You have to check out her Marie Antoinette and Peter Rabbit!!

Aren't these cupcakes the cutest!

I found this tiny tray - just big enough for 2 mugs or 1 mug and a cupcake! - with really ugly tiles and couldn't resist transforming it with these super cute tiles.

I love the bright colors don't you!

Even the grouting wasn't so bad since the tray is so small! I just have to seal it and it will be all ready to use!