Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Day

We took the kids out of school early today and headed an hour northwest or so to the hill country so they could play in the snow for the first time ever!

My sweetie (who has seen lots of snow!) gave everyone lessons on how to make the perfect snowball!

I'm sure it doesn't seem like much to those who have had so much snow lately, but for us, it was a lot of snow!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

A drive through West Texas

Wow! 80 mph!

Sometimes 80 mph doesn't seem fast enough when you're driving - and driving - through West Texas,

Aagh - is that Shrek following us?!

but if you slow down a bit, the openness can take your breath away!

Can you see the windmills?


And here's "Henry" right outside of Midland.

A long drive for one weekend, but a great time visiting cousins!

Monday, February 1, 2010

My Treasury Made Front Page

I love vintage shades of white and I guess Etsy does, too!
Of course I missed it, but one of my treasuries made Etsy's front page today!
So exciting! The first time ever!
And even better it showcased several of the fabulous ladies of the Cottage Style Street Team.

List courtesy of craftcult!

StarryDeborah, TinyBearDK, SignsByDiane, LittleThings1, SouthernLadiesVintage, BraytonCottage, and CatnapCottage (who's gorgeous purse sold before the list hit front page) are all awesome team members! Middleburg, LookWhatIFound, SimpleLinens, RememberMeEmily, Maclancy, and RobertaGrove rounded out the list.