Monday, August 6, 2012

Homecoming Mum Idea!

It's August and at least in South Texas that means football season is almost upon us, and homecoming is right around the corner!

Are you already planning mums for your daughter, her friends, or your son's girlfriend?!? 

I loved the lions that we found last year, but I was super-excited to discover Alisha Todd on Etsy (her shop link - Alisha Todd) who makes the cutest polymer clay figures.  

I requested a custom order for these little cheerleaders and received them in about a week and a half - a great turn-around time!

And since weight is always a factor - the larger girls weigh 1 oz and the smaller girl weighs .8 oz. They are about 3" and 2 1/4" tall.

I still need to gather a few more ideas - and find some cow bells! - but I am really looking forward to making mums this year now that I have a bit more experience!
You can see more of her figures (and some adorable bows!) in this shop, too.

These are my mum tutorials from last year:

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