Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Organized Craft Armoire

So many projects this summer and one I finally completed!  I really don't like plastic boxes - but I finally decided that I just could not get organized without them - 
I NEED to see what's inside! 

I really did not get rid of as much stuff as I thought I would - 2 paper bags full, but most everything I really do use when I can find it!

Organized Armoire - hopefully organized forever!

Shop Ribbons

I found tons of stuff that I had forgotten all about and tons of repeat ribbons.
 Did I mention that I like ribbons?!?

Presents and Gift Bags Ribbons

Tulle for Shop and Special Gifts

I found several more spools of each style after I took these pictures and they don't include my Christmas ribbon box, homecoming mum ribbon box, and random just-because-I-liked-it ribbon box.  

I have already had occasion to destroy all of my organization, but so far the worst thing that has happened is I left a few boxes out overnight.  I am so happy that everything has a place now!!

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