Monday, March 22, 2010

Front Door Before and After

I really want to paint my whole house, but that's just not happening right now, so I figured . . . at least I could handle the front door!

So, here is the before...

And here is the after!
I still need to finish a bit of tile on the front step and add some flowers - and maybe scrape off those stickers, not very welcoming! But it's still so much cheerier!

I started by sanding the door since it had been painted with a glossy paint. Not awful, but I really wanted a pretty color, not just gold/beige.

The first coat - what an awful color - this is the point where I was thinking this was a really bad idea! My kids thought I was crazy!

It took me three coats with a bit of extra touch-ups. I used a brush for the molding and smoothed everything out with a small foam roller. The hardest part was staying at home long enough for the paint to dry between coats!

While I let the first coat dry, I gathered wreath-making supplies. I have family coming to visit from Sweden, so I was trying for yellow and blue, but the blue just didn't work.

I like it, though!

I found these cool vinyl numbers at HouseHoldWords on Etsy. Begged my mom to come help me put them on - she's so good at measuring! I love how they turned out! Thanks Mom!

The color I used was color matched at Home Depot in a Satin finish. It is Sherwin Williams Relentless Olive. The interior green that you can see in one photo is from the same color strip - Shagreen and is actually Sherwin Williams - it blends perfectly!


Anonymous said...

This door makes me happy inside and out! Love the green door and the happy happy daisies!

daniii♥ said...

Your door looks fabulous!

Cindi @ Rustique Art said...

Love the green! So fresh and spring like...the numbers are fabulous! Great job!

ScoringDeals said...

Love the green door! Can you tell me what paint (brand & color) did you use? This one is not glossy, right?

My front door looks very similar to your before picture, and yep glossy, too! I'm thinking of painting it.

Thanks for sharing! :)

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Very pretty--I like the lettering style and the color and your pretty cheerful wreath is the perfect finishing touch!
Smiles, Karen

Cottage In The Sun said...

The color I used was color matched (at Home Depot) in a satin finish - outdoor paint. It is Sherwin Williams Relentless Olive. The other greens in my house are from the same color strip and are actually Sherwin Williams and blend perfectly with the door.

ScoringDeals said...

Thanks! Your door looks beautiful!