Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quick Bath Floor Redo

My kids' bath has definitely seen better days and the flooring was never my favorite - so I decided to look for some peel and stick tiles that I kind of liked and will hopefully last until we can budget in time and $ for real tile.

About 12 years ago I found some vinyl saltillo tiles that I used in my old kitchen and loved them - I was amazed at how well they held up (8 years when we moved) and the color was perfect! And then, of course, they stopped making them and I haven't found any others that I even came close to liking.
Parquet, especially fake, has never been my favorite, but I was excited to find some on Monday that seem perfect for the beach cottage theme of the room. (They are much more of a natural oak color - instead of yellowish - then it appears in the photos.)
So, I started late this afternoon and made tons of progress! Since the old vinyl already had lines that were squared I just used those lines to center my first tile and it went super quick from there.
I'm going to paint the baseboards, my sweetie is going to change out the toilet this weekend (about 6 more tiles there) and caulk around all the edges - and then done!

It already looks better! And don't you just love the vintage seahorse knobs!

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