Friday, February 13, 2009

Red Roses

When I was little my Papa grew the most beautiful roses. Whenever I would visit, he would let me pick out a few just for me. He would cut them very carefully with his pocketknife and trim off the thorns so I wouldn't get poked. When I see simple pink and red roses I still think of him. Now, I know roses are predictable for Valentine's Day, but I will always love them! The weekend will be filled with soccer and basketball and cheerleading, so my sweetie brought home roses today. I just had to take some photos! I'm always amazed at how perfectly the layers and layers of petals overlap and these smell divine. Happy Valentine's Day!


Tiedupmemories said...

Oh they are beautiful! I can smell them now!Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day too!

Barbra said...

Gorgeous! Happy ♥ Day!

The Catnap Cottage said...

Love roses too - hubby brought me home a bouquet yesterday - When we moved, I found all the bags of dried petals that I had saved from 30 years worth of roses!! Have a great weekend and fun with the kids! Cindy

Suzanne MacCrone Rogers • Italian Girl in Georgia™ said...

Beautiful and luscious! I can even smell them...when you have a moment stop by my blog. I have something for you Annette.

Ciao bella,


Andrea C. Parker said...

AWWW! SO Pretty!! Your sweetie gets a GOLD STAR! :)