Friday, May 4, 2012

Cascarones Cookies

My version of the "pinata cookie"

My friend over at TheCottageMarket linked to the cutest pinata cookies at SheKnows and I really wanted to give them a try.

I just used my own sugar cookie recipe and since I waited until the night before family day at school I had to make do with an egg-shaped cookie cutter instead of a burro-shaped one.  (I do have a Dala horse cutter that would have looked really cute but it is solid and I would not have been able to flip it over.)

We are just finishing up Fiesta here in San Antonio and we go through a lot of cascarones in April, but since cascarones are fun any time of year I thought the egg-shape would be perfect!

So, they turned out a bit more round than I planned and my colors didn't turn out quite like I wanted - I haven't used food coloring in ages and used a bit too much, but they were still a hit - I mean they have m&m's inside - what more could you want!!

My changes from the original recipe were that I used a different dough (a lot of people seemed really unhappy with the recipe listed plus I prefer butter to oil), a different cutter shape, and I rolled the dough in a cylinder shape in some parchment paper before freezing.

Yes, they did take a long time to make, but not really any longer than any other cut-out and decorated cookie I have ever made.  And the leftover cookie didn't go to waste.  My children have almost finished every bite!


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