Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Some Thrift Store Days are Just Better than Others

I don't usually come home from thrift stores really happy - either I'm not very good at finding treasures or things are already picked over! But last week was a good week for me!

I actually found this horse at an antique shop, but it was only $8 and is about 5" tall. It is a vintage Swedish Dala Horse and I am so excited because during a move I lost a very similar one that my Papa gave me when I was a little girl (his parents immigrated from Sweden). It is quite worn, but fits in perfectly with all of my other vintage decor. I think it is fairly old, but I don't know enough about the designs to be sure.

I LOVE rose prints and this one is so sweet! A print in perfect condition from 1969 and a sturdy wooden frame. $1!!!!

A delicate silver (most likely plated since there are no marks at all) heart bracelet with just enough wear to make it look nice and vintage-y! I love silver and hearts and bracelets!! Oh, for only $2!

I know that y'all will think I've flipped, but I found 2 of these ($2 each) and they will be perfect for all of the football games I will be going to now that my daughter is a cheerleader. No, they're not the right color, but I'm really not that picky (and orange is never a bad color in TX) and since I have been keeping an eye out for them (really!) I couldn't believe my luck in finding 2 just a week after I started looking.

I also found an American Girl-sized salon chair (target brand) for my little ones dolls and animals - it even has a lever on the bottom to raise and lower the seat just like at a real salon - too cute! A bit pricey at $4, but new ones are $25...

And a skinny leather bracelet with silver heart medallions for my oldest. ($2)

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Mimi and Tilly said...

Thank you for following my blog, you're entered into my giveaway, good luck! Great finds, byt the way, I love the chairs without legs! They'd be great for picnics here when it's a bit wet to be sitting on the grass! Em x