Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cheerleader Pillowcase Update

I finally finished my daughter's pillowcase!
(I started in this post.)

This is the front side all pieced together . . .

(I love my new cutting mat - even if it does smell awful and I have to store it in the garage - and rotary cutter! I still can't sew straight, but at least straight cuts make it a bit more possible!)

. . . And this is the whole case - done!

I used the "hotdog method" to sew it all together - I found really easy instructions on sewhooked's blog.
I need to find a new pillow just a bit bigger and it will be perfect!

I did line the pieced front side with muslin (thanks for the advice YippeeVintage!) and did a bit of stitching on the front just to hold it together

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Haiku Amy said...

Way cute fabric. I like it.