Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cheerleader Quilt Squares

So, my oldest just qualified to be a member of her high school cheer team. She will be going away to camp this summer and I thought I would make her something she could take with her. She will be getting all kinds of bags and clothing with her team info, which didn't leave much for me to do.

I have really been into sewing lately and last week I found some really cute cheerleader fabric and thought - a pillowcase! The cheerleaders are in many colors, but luckily there were 2 in black and red - just what I need.

I recently bought a quilt pattern called Ruffles by The Pattern Basket and the squares are just the right size to fit the little cheerleaders! I still have to make up the rest so that I can sew them together to make up the case, but since this is my first piecing project I am really excited about how they turned out!

I am still trying to decide if I should line it since there will be raw seams on the inside. It just seems like I should - maybe some thin muslin? I will probably go to my favorite quilt shop here in town and ask their opinion.


retrorevival.biz said...

Rah, rah, yay for your daughter! How thoughtful of you to sew such a pretty pillow case for her (love the fabric!).

yippeevintage said...

What a clever and cute project! That cheerleader fabric is adorable & I love the fabrics you've chosen to go with it :) Just my 2 cents... it maybe not need to be lined if it's just for decorative use, but I would line it if it will get a lot of wear and tear between regular use and laundering. Thanks for sharing your project :) Have fun sewing!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Annette, I LOVE this project!! The little cheerleader fabric is adorable! You are such a sweet Mom! I know your daughter will LOVE it! I definitely think you should line it as I am sure that this case will get lots of use. I can see all of those spend the nite parties now!