Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Paris and London Journal Notebooks

I am getting ready for my trip and wanted to make a small hostess gift for my friend who has invited me to visit her in London. Also, I needed a small birthday gift for a new friend that I met when she came for a visit over Easter with my cousin from Sweden. We will be staying in London and making a short 4-day trip to Paris - and meeting up with my new friend who will also be visiting London - small world!

After weeks of searching - I knew what I wanted, just didn't know if it existed - I found these beautiful papers online (they are from Cavallini). Of course, you can buy the journals already made, but what fun would that be?!

I found journals on clearance at Michael's and mini-notebooks at Target. I just used decoupage glue to attach the papers and a spray sealer to make them a bit water resistant. Tomorrow I am going to figure out how to attach elastic to keep them closed -I already have the holes punched, I just have to figure out how to use eyelets!

Any ideas about airport legal, non-crushable packaging? Maybe those clear fabric gift bags?