Monday, May 17, 2010

Ceiling Retexture in Progress ... and Done!

It doesn't matter what you call it - acoustic, popcorn, cottage cheese, or something else - scraping this off the ceiling can be messy!

Making progress!

My new favorite "tool!" So much easier than using a simple squirt bottle. But it didn't make me any neater!

Almost done - it took me about 4 evenings.

In case you can't tell in the photo, new texture that matches the walls was sprayed on (not by me!), and since I forgot to buy primer about 4 coats of paint (another 3 nights)!
Touch-ups coming soon (I also had to repaint the corners of the walls where new sheetrock was attached and lucky me I had almost a gallon of paint left over from painting 4 years ago).

It's already worth it - my husband is totally impressed with the new look!

1 comment:

Cindi @ Rustique Art said...

I'm impressed do your arms feel? like spaghetti?

It's looking good, can't wait to see the big unveiling.