Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Swedish Texas Cemetery Search

This week has been amazing! My cousin from Sweden (that I have only been in contact with through letter and email) came to visit with her husband and two friends. My great-grandfather and her grandfather were brothers. Thanks to google I have seen photos of the historical marker at the Type Cemetery, but have never made the visit (it's not a very easy place to find!) Armed with some information from an older cousin, we went in search of some history.

Jonas Sunvison, my great -grandfather (my dad's dad's dad).

I have read this part of the inscription many times, but never imagined that Christina Fredrickson was my great-great-great grandmother! My cousin's husband did research not only on my great-grandfather's side of the family, but also some on my great-grandmother's side (so sweet, and so unexpected!).

Also, the gravesite of my great-grandmother's parents, August and Amanda Nyman (Christina's daughter).

Then we made a 3 hour or so drive west to West Sweden (a "ghost town", marked only by the cemetery), quite isolated, but easier to find, where my great-grandparents and their 3-year-old daughter were buried.

My grandparents and father lived in this area until sometime during or after the 1950s drought (1950-1957.)


Lenore said...

I really love this story and all the research that went into this is amazing....and that the cemetery is relatively close to where you are living now is fabulous.
I'm very interested in genealogy and so this was a story of great interest to me.

BailiwickStudio said...

This is so interesting! I love genealogy as well (but I'd have to make a trip to Bucks County PA to see any granvestones!). It makes a person start wondering about what life was like in those days, and why our ancestors made such arduous journeys across the sea to unknown places. I hope more information keeps unfolding for you. ::Jill

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Amazing research and very interesting!