Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Latest Project - Cat Approved!

It's always nice when someone appreciates your work!

When I was visiting my local quilt shop, I discovered a really neat way to use leftover fabric to make a rug - it's called locker hooking because instead of just pushing the fabric through and (imo) hoping it stays, there is actually a tool so you can drag a cord through the loops and "lock" them in place!

I always wanted to try rugmaking because there is a great example in one of my Laura Ashley books, but I just couldn't figure out how it would actually stay.

I'm going to sort through my huge garage sale pile soon, but I couldn't wait to get started so I found some sheets and pillowcases at the thrift store and jumped right in. I used one king sized sheet, a pillowcase, some scrap fabric (and about 1/4 of an old sheet in my linen closet!) This one is for my kids' beachy bathroom.

You will never see one in my shop, though, because the cost of labor would make this little 30" x 20" rug about $300. I hope I get faster!

I found a how-to if you want to try one yourself! I made my strips fatter.

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Drawn to The Sea said...

These turned out lovely! Fat strips was a great idea.