Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Autumn Pennant Banners

So, I volunteered to help decorate for the school's pumpkin patch. I thought, I love banners - I can make those. Of course, 42 of anything takes a while! I'm about half-way done and I've run out of the right color circles - off to cut more. And I still have to laminate - won't that be fun!

My how-to:
-I cut out triangles the size I wanted.Align Center-Found the only leaf die-cut at the school and cut out tons of leaves.
-Decided polka dots are always fun and cut out some of those.
-Layered and glued (glue-stick).
-After I laminate, I will either punch holes and string or use packing tape to attach to ribbon.

-If I were using scrapbook paper (which is usually thicker than school paper) I would probably add those cute little eyelets/grommets for stringing the ribbon through.


This would be a fun project to give to your kids for when they get out of school that week of Thanksgiving. Make sure you have tons of leaves, or have them trace and cut their own. They could even attach real leaves! Although, it might get kind of messy when they get all dry and crumbly. (Our oak trees should just be starting to turn and will be just right!)


Tina said...

What a great project and a big one too - amazing.

Laura said...

I love banners...I've had one on my list for a while....

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Very cute!! Hey...didn't you just start this project and you are already half way thru!! You work fast!! Great project!